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Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate

Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate

DRYCONC® (DRY CITRATE HAEMODIALYSIS CONCENTRATE) is a unique and novel citrate containing hemodialysis concentrate in dry powder form. Citrate is a known anti-coagulant and anti-oxidant.

With dextrose Without dextrose
35X 35X
36.83X 36.83X
45X 45X

Packing size:

Liquid concentrate is prepared by dissolving DRYCONC® Part-A and Part-B in a specified quantity of purified water.

35X 36.83X 45X
10Liters (2.3 to 2.8Kg) 10Liters (1.90 to 2.40Kg) 10Liters (2.90 to 3.40Kg)
50Liters (11.5 to 14.0Kg) 50Liters (9.5 to 12.0Kg) 50Liters (14.5Kg to 17.0Kg)
94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (21.74 to 26.5Kg) 94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (17.9 to 22.70Kg) 94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (27.4 to 32.2Kg)
100Liters (23.0Kg to 28.0Kg) 100Liters (19.0 to 24.0Kg) 100Liters (29.0 to 34.0Kg)


  • Useful for Heparin free Heamodialysis
  • 50% less Heparin consumption
  • Improved Kt/V ratio
  • Cost effective due to compact packaging and resultant reduction in transportation cost
  • Easier electrolyte individualization
  • Improved tolerance to treatment due to less risk of inflammation
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