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Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag

Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag

Each Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag contains the finest quality Sodium Bicarbonate meeting all international standards (I.P., E.P., USP) and specified weight.

Connector design, shape and size of Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag is such that it readily gets plugged in to the slot provided in the Fresenius dialysis machine.

We manufacture Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bags which are suitable for Model Nos. 4008 and 5008 of Fresenius machines.

Sodium bicarbonate powder is automatically dissolved with water producing a saturated solution. This saturated solution is then proportioned with water and acid concentrate to achieve the prescribed dialysate.

Pack Sizes:

  • 650gm
  • 900gm

Advantages of Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag:

  • Handling
    Easy to handle, Easy to transport, occupies less space and reduces labor.
  • Hygiene
    Promotes hygienic delivery of Sodium Bicarbonate and Prevents Microbial growth and ensures safe dialysis treatment.
  • Environment
    Minimum wastage, environment friendly, no spillage.
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